Fostering an environment of total trust with its clients is the cornerstone of the general contractor Strima’s approach to bringing each of its projects to a successful conclusion, i.e. new constructions, renovation works, extensions, completion and finishing works. Indeed, this is one of the keys to the success of this multi-purpose team formed by four brothers in the late 1990s. Starting out as labourers in construction, they decided, after obtaining several graduate diplomas, to create their own general construction company in 1997. They very quickly distinguished themselves through upscale projects, working in perfect synergy with a mainly private client base and loyal architectural firms, whilst maintaining the family feel of the company. From the very outset of the project, the “bouwteam” working structure brings the client, architect and contractor closely together.

It is a case of immediately creating ties by being attentive and responsive to the expectations, needs and wishes of the project manager.

As they are managing a team that brings together first-class professionals, the four brothers give the utmost priority to the monitoring of every single aspect of the project. Strima also places emphasis on a faultless service for worksite inspection and after-sales service in the weeks or even months following the project’s completion.

The team remains at the client’s side to ensure the smooth running of the technical details during the relocation and the development of the new space.